Posters download page
World Metrology Day – 20 May 2010

Click on the image above to enter the ftp site
or click here to download by http (slower)
Posters are provided in pdf format and in Adobe in Design format.
The pdf format is provided in different languages, with two versions for each language, one with the slogan translated in the bottom and one without the slogan.

At present, the available languages are: Arabic, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.
The photo, the central slogan and the BIPM and OIML logos cannot be changed, but you can translate the rest of the text and add your own logo in the upper right corner of the poster.

The posters can be downloaded via ftp (faster but may be stopped by your proxy), or via http (slower).

File Name Code System
(Reference language English, separation by underscore)

Poster Language Slogan Translation DIN Format Resolution Logo
WMD2010 Language (ISO code) Language (ISO code)
0 = no translation
print (professional printing press)
web (direct printing)
0=no logo

Example: French poster, no slogan translation, DIN A4, direct printing, EURAMET logo
WMD2010_ FR_ 0_ A4_ web_ EURAMET

German poster, no slogan translation; DIN A1, professional printing, no logo
WMD2010_ GE_ 0_ A1_ print_ 0