World Metrology Day - 20 May 2010

Dear Metrology Colleagues,

The promotional material related to the 2010 World Metrology Day (2010 WMD) includes:

  • the 2010 WMD message from the Director of the BIPM,
  • a press release for WMD 2010,
  • the 2010 WMD poster (in multiple languages).

This material can be provided to you in electronic form via email or can be downloaded from our website.

This material is copyrighted to the 2010 WMD team who therefore hold the exclusive rights to it. It is provided to you as promotional material to help you inform your stakeholders of the importance of metrology to everyday life. On behalf of 2010 WMD team, you are hereby authorized to distribute this material,as it stands, to your stakeholders in electronic or printed form.

Please note however that the developers hold the economic and moral rights to this material - including their logos, emblems, publications or any other creations - and these rights are vested in the 2010 WMD team and are internationally protected. Consequently, any third parties cannot modify, use any portion, or re-brand, sell copies to the public, broadcast or use on-line this material, or any portions of it, without the prior written permission of the 2010 WMD team. Such permission should be requested from the Director of the BIPM.

If you wish to make a non-authorized use of any portion of this material, a sample of the modified material should be communicated to the 2010 WMD developers and should be reproduced with the following statement:

"This material is reproduced after permission has been obtained from the 2010 WMD developers who retain full internationally protected copyright on the design and content of this material and on their titles, slogans, and/or their logos. The 2010 WMD developers take no responsibility for the accuracy or content of a reproduced material, as this is the responsibility of the person or organization which reproduced it. The only official version is the original version of the material published in the 2010 WMD website."

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries on the 2010 World Metrology Day.

Poster layout: PTB International Technical Cooperation
Photographer: Soeren Madsen, Sund & Bælt, Denmark